Philip Kerr and Alison Weir shared the podium at a King’s Lynn Festival Literary Dinner

POPULAR history writer Alison Weir and crime specialist Philip Kerr were the speakers at this King’s Lynn Festival event.

Visiting Lynn was a trip down memory lane for Alison Weir who lived in the town as a newly-wed in the early 1970s when she worked at Barclays Bank and subsequently at the DHSS.

She had developed a huge fascination for history and spent all her spare time researching for her books though the first was not published until 1989.

Now she is one of the best-selling historians in Britain having written 16 history books and four historical novels.

She gave a detailed account of her latest historical novel, A Dangerous Inheritance and demonstrated her great interest in history in describing the interwoven story involving Katherine Grey, cousin of Queen Elizabeth I, and Kate Plantaganet, daughter of Richard III.

In contrast Philip Kerr made no mention of his latest book, Prague Fatale, but described himself as “a professional fantasist”.

He said: “I am a writer not a speaker and my books come from the depths of my imagination.

“Anyone can write a book, anyone can get published on line, but not everyone is prepared to do the things publishers want them to do.

“You have to be an introvert to write a book and an extrovert to sell it,” he said. “I no longer want to reach the best seller list – I’m just happy to write books and be printed.”

 By Alison Croose, KING’S LYNN FESTIVAL: Review, originally published Tuesday 24 July 2012



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